Connecting Workflows Together


A typical process has a Workflow draw articles from Filters, but you can also build Workflows that draw from other existing Workflows—you can even have a Workflow draw from a combination of Feed Collections, Filters, and Workflows. 

This can be a powerful automation that reduces time spent on duplicated tasks. In this guide, we’ll go through how to do this, and two of the popular reasons to do so: when curating a round-up, and when delivering similar content to multiple, separate audiences.

Connecting Workflows For Digests

One effective use of connecting Workflows is for creating digests. For example, if you’re already creating a daily or weekly digest, you could flow those articles into a new Workflow where you curate the most popular articles to create a monthly digest.

This reduces the work of having to find the articles again, and prevents accidentally missing an article.

Connecting Workflows For Related, but Separate Audiences

You can also do a general curation Workflow for a topic that is relevant to multiple, separate audiences. You can curate a topic once, and then the curated articles can get pushed into each client's Workflows. This reduces duplicated curation work, without having to curate the same set of articles for each client individually. 

Before we start into how to connect Workflows, you may want to check out the Getting Started guide, or the in-depth documentation article on Workflows.

How to Connect Workflows Together

When starting a new Workflow

In the Setup Wizard, under “Get Fresh Articles,” click the “Existing Workflow” button to have articles from that Workflow enter this new Workflow. You can do this with as many existing Workflows as you’d like. 

For existing Workflows

For existing Workflows, connecting them is done through the originating Workflow. 

Open the originating Workflow, and the right side of the Workflows tab shows your current Actions. Click the "Edit" button to adjust the settings. Under “Start Output” you will see the “Copy” button, which allows you to copy articles to another Workflow. Choose the Workflow you’d like to connect with and hit the “Create” button.

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