Destination: Buffer queue

Here are the instructions for setting up a Buffer queue as a Destination.

With ContentGems, you can send your curated results directly to your Buffer queue using IFTTT, which stands for "If This Than That". It is a terrific and easy to use tool for connecting two applications together, such as ContentGems and Buffer. Note, you can also use Zapier, which is another tool similar to IFTTT.

Click the "Buffer Queue" button under the Destinations tab.

Type a descriptive name and click "Create". Copy the RSS feed URL using the clipboard icon.

Next, follow the instructions at the IFTTT website to create a New Applet in IFTTT.

Search for and click the Feed button, and then click the "New Feed item" box. Paste your ContentGems RSS feed into the new feed item form, then hit the "Create trigger" button.

Click the second "+" button to connect with Buffer. Then search for Buffer and click the Buffer button. Select the "Add to Buffer" option, and then click "Finish" and you're all set!

Need to share to Facebook or LinkedIn? We recommend HootSuite or Buffer.

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