Onboarding for success

Your success matters to us. When you’re getting started on ContentGems, you’ll be supported every step of the way. Some people prefer to learn on their own, while others enjoy having a live person to collaborate with. Whatever style fits you best, we’ve got you covered. 

Self-learning onboarding

We recommend reading through the following articles from the Help Centre:

This will take approximately 15 minutes, and will provide a solid overview of how to use ContentGems.

Live onboarding

We also provide live onboarding, where a ContentGems expert will guide you through the initial setup, and be able to answer any questions you have along the way.

During the onboarding, you can expect to:

  • Share your goals with us, so we can optimize how ContentGems works for you
  • Receive a demonstration of ContentGems
  • Get a guided set-up
  • Ask any questions you may have and share any feature requests you have

We have a 20 minute version, available free of charge to everyone who signs up for ContentGems. Simply find a time that works for you on our Calendly.

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