Destination: Zapier

Here are the instructions for setting up Zapier as a Destination.

Our Zapier app allows you to create a Zap to:

  • Save any articles Barack Obama tweets to your ContentGems curation workflow
  • Add any tweet to an article with hashtag #Canada150 to your ContentGems curation workflow
  • Record a list of shared articles to a Google Spreadsheet

To get content "out" of ContentGems and into your Zapier workflow, the mechanism we use for this is a "Sharing Destination" (Configure -> Sharing Destinations). Any content that is shared to this Destination becomes available as new content as a trigger in the Zapier app. You could use this to get articles you curate from ContentGems into any other system (think: auto-share articles to Twitter via Buffer, for example).

To get content "in" to a ContentGems workflow, our Zapier app mimics the same functionality you would find from the "Add Article" functionality in your workflow. You can connect this with any Zapier integration that works with URLs. For example, add any URL from an RSS feed into your workflow; or, add any URL from a Google spreadsheet to your workflow.

First, create a Zapier Sharing Destination. Once you create the Zapier app sharing destination, you will be shown your API key that you'll use to connect to Zapier. You can also always find this API key under your profile. Once you connect your API Key to Zapier, you can skip this step for future Zapier integrations.

1 - Get API Key

Next, connect ContentGems to Zapier: after you have successfully installed our Zapier app via your private invite link, you can create your first Zap. After choosing the ContentGems app, you will be asked to authenticate with us. You'll use the API Key from the previous step.

2 - Connect Account

After you click the "Connect a New Account" button, this popup will ask you to add your API key.

3 - Add API Key

Now that you've connected your account, you won't have to do this for each new Zap you create.

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